FTACC Emergency Mini Manual

FTACC Emergency Mini Manual

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The FTACC Emergency manual has been developed as the first ‘enhanced’

level of The ATACC Group’s fourpart ‘Integrated Emergency Care Programme’ (IECP) and has been written by specialistsin the field of pre-hospital and critical care medicine.




Chapter 1 – Introduction

Chapter 2 – FTACC Approach 

Chapter 3 – Immediate Assessment – B.U.R.P.S

Chapter 4 – Minor Bleeding, Major Bleeding and Shock: B.U.R.P.S

Chapter 5 – Drowsy/Unconscious: B.U.R.P.S

Chapter 6 – Respiratory Distress: B.U.R.P.S 

Chapter 7 – Pain and Numbness: B.U.R.P.S

Chapter 8 – Skin – Appearance & Temperature – B.U.R.P.S


Size: A5 – 148mm x 210mm